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KJ Services are able to deal with all aspects of machinery supply and maintenance. Our sales & support staff has a combined total of over 100 years of worldwide dealer industry experience, so please contact us with your enquiry.

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Caterpillar Components

We stock thousands of used components and supplies for a range of Caterpillar plant and equipment including Excavators, Dozers, Loading Shovels and Dump trucks.




We stock and sell a large variety of Caterpillar engines in a variety of specifications.

More information on individual engines can be found on our dedicated Engine Systems webpage.

Some of the engine types we stock are shown below.  To request further information or

to request photographs of a particular engine please telephone or email us.


Caterpillar              3046                    Caterpillar              C10      

Caterpillar              3066                    Caterpillar              C11

Caterpillar              3116                    Caterpillar              C12

Caterpillar              3126                    Caterpillar              C13

Caterpillar              3306                    Caterpillar              C15

Caterpillar              3406                    Caterpillar              C18

Caterpillar              3408                    Caterpillar              C27

Caterpillar              3412                    Caterpillar              C4.2

Caterpillar              3456                    Caterpillar              C4.4

Caterpillar              3508                    Caterpillar              C9

Caterpillar              3512                    Caterpillar              D353







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