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KJ Services are able to deal with all aspects of machinery supply and maintenance. Our sales & support staff has a combined total of over 100 years of worldwide dealer industry experience, so please contact us with your enquiry.

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We have vehicle cabs for sale for a wide variety of machines including CAT, Komatsu and Volvo.  Some of the cabs are listed and photograped on this page, but we have a lot more.  Please check the list below of some of the cabs we have available.



Caterpillar 312BL.      Caterpillar 365C.          Caterpillar 953/963 Traxcavator.

Caterpillar 315D.        Caterpillar 423F.          Caterpillar 963C.

Caterpillar 320.          Caterpillar 725.             Caterpillar 966F.

Caterpillar 320B.        Caterpillar 740.             Caterpillar 966G.

Caterpillar 320BL.      Caterpillar 769.             Caterpillar 972G.

Caterpillar 325.          Caterpillar 769C.           Caterpillar 980C.

Caterpillar 330.          Caterpillar 775B.           Caterpillar 980G.

Caterpillar 330C.        Caterpillar 793C.          Caterpillar D6.

Caterpillar 345.          Caterpillar 950B.           Caterpillar D9.

Caterpillar 350.          Caterpillar 950G.


Volvo A25.                 Volvo A25C.                  Volvo A35D.

Volvo A40D.


Komatsu L150.               Komatsu WA500.


Various cabs for graders.


If you see something of interest please contact us via our email address: sales@kjservices.co.uk or call us on 01685 841449.




Caterpillar 772F DL3348
Caterpillar 772F DL3348
Caterpillar 966G
Caterpillar 966G
Volvo L150F Cab
Volvo L150F Cab
Caterpillar 950H
Caterpillar 950H
Caterpillar Cab 980C
Caterpillar Cab 980C