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Here at K J Services Limited, health and safety of both our employees and customers is our highest concern.


The prevention of accidents and occupational industrial injuries is the number one priority for all persons involved with K J Services Ltd. 


K J Services Limited believes that high standards of Health, Safety and Welfare management are an essential part of good business practice.

The Company recognises its responsibilities to all its employees (and also to others who might be affected by its activities) in accordance with The Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974.
The Company will endeavour to conduct its operations, so far as is reasonably practicable, in a manner which recognises the Health, Safety and Welfare needs of employees and or other persons likely to be affected.


The company’s health and safety programme is designed and operated to strive for zero accidents and injuries.


Our Health and Safety Policy Statement is included in our website, however should you have any queries relating to this please contact Mr Gwyn Williams (Operations Manager) on 01685 841449